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The Witch and the Vampire breeds were created shortly after the fall of man and this term refers to those immortals that were created supernaturally and sometimes the very first generation of Vampire and Witch that were born on Earth. Few have survived the millennia of war and only a handful of true Ancients still occupy the Realm.


The Realm

Until recent history, the factions have been primarily contained within the remote country sides of the area that the humans call Europe and only occasionally cross paths with mortals. With the assistance of magic from the Realm’s inhabitants, the unpopulated vast landscapes have allowed the ongoings of the Realm to remain well-hidden from the occupants of the land they share. However, in the past few centuries members of both the Light and Dark have ceased their affiliation with the Realm entirely and begun to seek anonymous existence amongst the human population.


Witch breed

The entire population of the witches, both male and female, encompassing all members of the seven Castes of magic. Each Witch is gifted with at least one power, though some rise with strengths from various Castes. In those with additional powers, one will dominate. A Witch is identified with the Caste that is the source of their strongest magic.


The Castes


The Warrior breed of Witch is imbued with the same strength and speed of their Vampire foe and are naturally adept with weapons of war. Generally because of their strength and skill, they are revered by their kin.



Witch empowered with the magic of the Light can draw forth a strength of light power, morphing the searing rays into weapons that are extremely effective in felling the Vampire breed.


The Fire Caste witches are a pious breed and their ability to capture flame and harness its power is an assault that is feared by even the strongest of Vampire. Those in this Caste that wield the strongest magic are able to burn the Vampire to ash with a single strike.



Witches of Nature have multiple weapons at their disposal and depending upon their strength and age, can harness various elements of nature to use in their war against the Darks, including wind, water, lightning. The strongest of this breed are rumored to have been able to even draw upon the power of the sun.



The Seers are empowered with divination, the strongest are able to see events of the future and look into events of the past as though in attendance.


Spell Casters

Casters are limited only by the power of their imagination and the strength of their power. If it can be wrought by chant or potion, the Spell Casters can be as effective in any battle as their stronger Warrior kin



Through the magic of their hands, these Witch are blessed with a supernatural healing ability that enables them to repair both immortal and mortal beings.



To each Caste was given one female whose magic surpassed all others of her kind. In the time of the Ancients, each of these witches was the designated Queen that led those of her Caste in the war against the Vampire. All Ancient Queens perished centuries before the time of the Chosen. 


Vampire breed

The Vampire were brought forth from the darkest of evils, their purpose to prey upon and ultimately destroy mankind. The only way to kill these immortals is through beheading and the searing power of fire, light or the sun. The most powerful in the breed organize their followers into Covens that live under the authority of that leader.


Ancients of Light

The general designation for those immortals that pursue the mission of the Light. Through years members of each breed have found their calling in the purpose of the other and today the Ancients of Light are comprised of both Witch and Vampire in a tenuous alliance.



The designation for all that fight for the cause of evil, both Witch and Vampire alike.



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